Punch TV media and President Mr. collins Offers The Magic For Stockholders

Punch TV media and CEO Mr. collins Delivers The Magic For Stakeholders

Using a blend of multi-media plus monetary power, This 2018 Shareholders Convemtion Convention and Ball hosted by Chief executive Mr. Collins and the Punch tv media team delivered the magic as promised in the wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada on 5/11/2018 and 2/12/2018.

Introduced the newly obtained stock symbol, Mr. Collins makea famous revelation in reaching not only the Nasdaq position, but becoming the first African American possessed studios to get Nasdaq rank by the urban community as it's core investor base. All through the 2 day convention, with literally hundreds of stockholders, shareholdersand prospect investors witnessed what Punch got to offer.

Collins expressed being "delighted, satisfied and humbled" by both the acquisitionand the remarkable achievement of the studios. "I often thought about how Buffett turned one of the wealthiest people in The US, and my idea is to construct a company which is where individuals get financial success through stock savings," explained Collins.

Joseph Collins, Head of the company executed just what the stakeholders anticipated: information about financial literacy, what is then with the production of Punch tv media state-of-the-art tech, future shows, and future stepsfor Punchtv. Guest speakers from around the globe educated investors regarding real-time investment graphs, crowdfunding, their role, and a comprehensive demonstrations of using their procedures by Punchtv investors. As part of the two-day convention, Collins, an expert in business, staged a one of its kind Master Business Lesson.

Through a night of dancing and interacting at the fun-filled gala, Mr. Collins met up and welcomed each guests independently — a pleasant and well-received part of the formal event.

in the presents of the enthralled investors, the element of shocker punch tv persistedby means ofthe revelation of Punch Animation, Corporation. formallyknown as Urban TV Network Corporation. Mr. Collins, Chief executive shared a peek of the animation showing that Punch TV Media was at the helm of increasing.

In accordance to Mr. Collins,"I categorically desire to be the kind of CEO who is primary place emphasis is to compose my investors and future shareholders have confidence in what we are makingat Punch and to recognize that we are lookin to become Punch tv studios to the billion enterprise, which one can attain mutually."

Mr. Collins, the CEO of a progressing movie business, is starting on a five hundred million global stock offering at $5 for each share for the creation of new technology and improvement of Punch tv media. Can be found in the Hollywood area of Soutern, California, Punch TV Studios is growing its studio and is achieving international appeal. Punchtv Corporation. engages in the networking, producing, distributing, licensing, merchandising and syndication of movie productions.

The corporation provides television advertising campaign options and sends 1st run distributedseries, off-network TV shows, and movies for licensing and syndication around the globe.

For an meetingwith Mr. Joseph Collins, please send a message to Lisa Andrews at lisa@punchtvstudios.com or call us at 310-419-5914.

Mr. Collins click here is the President of Punch tv studios and Animation' Inc. (formally Urban TV Network). This article might contain forward-looking financial information; Please seek advice from an advisor prior to investing.



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